September 17, 2011

A fairytale tower in Spoleto, Umbria

We drove to Spoleto from Rome airport at night. On the highway we drove north towards Florence. In Umbria we changed to road SS3. This ancient road was originally built way back by the Romans.

Upwards we drove, passing road signs warning us against slippery roads when snowing. The first view of Spoleto was the Rocca, the fortress and castle at the top, with the town crawling down the hill below it.


Spoleto is like a labyrinth, and I found it difficult to find my way around town; I kept getting lost. Also, I found the town a little boring, and very quiet.

Moreover, while we were in Italy, the massacre on July 22 took place at Utøya, along with the bomb explosion in Oslo, and these events obviously shook us up and affected us deeply. Our thoughts were in Norway, with the victims and their families.

In addition, we experienced the coldest July in 30 years, and had lots of rain and bad weather, and very cold nights, which was disappointing, because we were unable to enjoy the beautiful garden at late dinners.
Breakfast on the terrace at the top of the tower.

Dream tower
We rented a house in a tower in the hills above Spoleto, with a beautiful view to the green Umbrian hills. It came with a cute pony, called Mathilda, and 12 cats! The cats belonged to the owner who lives next door. There are also two more houses on the premises which are rented out, a two bedroom, and a one bedroom.

A horse named Matilda and the pool

We were three adults and five kids aged 16, 15, 14, 13 and 8. The kids were happy with a nice pool and wireless Internet. The house had two kitchens, a living room, 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. A balcony on the top floor featured great views of the beautiful landscape.
Terje, me and the view from the garden

Rome was 1 hour and 20 min away by train. Apart from Rome, we visited Orvieto and Assisi.
Orvieto was really nice, with a great atmosphere. I would have liked to stay there for a few days.

Orvieto - the duomo

Assisi was spectacular. I was blown away by its beauty, especially the Cathedral, made for Assisi, and located on a cliff above the plains. The church is large, with several departments, and the walls are completely covered in frescoes.
Beautiful Assisi - and the dome of St. Francis