August 1, 2010

Vis island, Croatia, in July - relaxation

Vis island is a two hour ferry ride from Split. The atmosphere on the island is magic, calm and relaxing.

At the beach outside our house.
We were two families (five kids, at ages 15, 14, 13, 12 and 8) renting a big house together. The house was in Vis town, situated between Vis and the near by neighbour town Kut, right by the water (stony beach and docks).

They opened this island for tourists only some years ago. There are a few hotels here, but most tourists come in their own boat or rent houses or apartments.

The kids had a lot of freedom in this place because there wasn't much to worry about. This made us all feel extremely relaxed.

In the afternoon, we sat at the cafés or at the beach, watching the boats dock for the night in the harbour of either Luka og Kut.

The party fleet
One afternoon the whole bay filled up with sailing boats, carrying flags from all over Europe and the US. They all hooked up, side by side, and started a hell of a party, with music and lights, going on all night. We watched them from the beach, dancing and drinking, and thought about swimming out to join them - it looked like a lot of fun, and I kept thinking of my student days in the US.

The party fleet

The next day we met up with the party people in the harbour - in pritty bad shape.

One day we took an excursion at sea. We rented a small fishing boat with a captain who took us out to some nice beaches and caves.

Visiting "the beach" of Vis

Eating out
We ate out every night. Our favourite places were:
1. Konoba Tezok in Kut, a newly opened restaurant in the extremely charming and relaxed harbour. This is a very friendly place where we enjoyed great food at a reasonable price for dinner and lunch.

Konoba Tezok in Kut
2. The pizza place Karijola (on the narrow road between Luka and Kut), which serves the best pizza in Vis and has stunning sea views.

In pizza heaven at Karijola
I can also recommend the lobster at Val.
At restaurant Val

Magical choir
One night we heard low singing voices. On the little piazza right by our house, facing the sea, was a circle of men, heads facing inwards, singing. The night was very warm and calm and people stood quietly, watching the choir by the sea. It was magic, and it was over as sudden as it had started.

In the summer the main roads are closed for cars. We rented bikes instead, which was much better.

Most days I went shopping at the market and at the butcher's. We made big salads for lunch, and ate it on our beach, right outside our house.

The house had no air conditioning - the nights were extremely hot - with only fans cooling us down.

On the ferry back to Split - we're all sad to leave Vis.